Michael Saulnier

Michael has a long history of onsite and support experience for treasure search and recovery projects spanning decades.
2004 -

Michael worked with AdventureQuest to found and develop the Cocos Island Project that will recover one of the world’s greatest lost treasures, the Loot of Lima.

This amazing treasure has eluded countless treasure hunters over the years, but with the combination of a real treasure map passed down through the Forbes family generations revealing the location of the treasure, combined with the most advanced technology available, our team will locate and recover the treasure in partnership with the Government of Costa Rica.

Michael is a successful entrepreneur who owned and operated his own technical staffing business and network. Michael closed these companies in 2014 for focus exclusively on Adventure Quest activities.

1997 -

Michael worked with AdventureQuest on a number of project opportunities including the Rizal Project. This virgin wreck site in the Philippine Islands was explored in cooperation and with an exclusive permit from the Philippine government

1997 -

Michael worked with Mar-Dive Corporation on the steamship SS Atlantic search and recovery efforts. This amazing time capsule of the 1850’s includes millions of spectacularly preserved artifacts including the life possessions of hundreds of passengers bringing their lives to the Midwest through the Great Lakes.

1991 -

Michael worked with Underwater Explorations to support two expeditions just outside of Quito, Ecuador to seek and recover the lost treasure of the Incan Empire, the Sweat of the Sun and the Tears of the Moon, said to be a room filled to the ceiling with gold Incan artifacts, and two with silver Incan artifacts.

1988 -

Michael worked along with Steven Edward Morgan on the Mel Fisher 1715 Spanish Galleon Fleet exploration and recovery project off the coast of Southern Florida. The largest silver find of the year was recovered by our team.

1988 -

Michael worked with Underwater Explorations and Clint Provost to recover Ecuadorian artifacts.