Marc Saulnier

Thirty years of adventure, exploration and treasure recovery.
2004 -

Mr. Saulnier is the Project Director for Cocos Island Project Expedition, LLC. Adventure Quest, LLC formed the Cocos Island Project Expedition, LLC, for the purpose of conducting a world class expedition to recover the Loot of Lima Treasure on Cocos Island. We will also be documenting the expedition with a high quality film documentary. The Treasure is valued at over a billion dollars, but the story is priceless. We’ve assembled a diverse team of experts to join us on our project.

1997 -

Saulnier formed Adventure Quest, LLC to research and prioritize various projects from treasure salvage to extreme sports. Our focus is on Cocos Island Project, The Lost City Project, and over a dozen other treasure salvage and recovery projects. We’ve also expanded our business plan to include a wide range of media partnerships for Films, Documentaries, Books, Reality TV Series, and other media platforms.

1995 -

Saulnier managed and funded an intense six-week exploration of the Central American jungle in search of the lost city. Ciudad Blanca, or the Lost City of the Monkey Gods. Our Partners Steve Morgan and Steve Elkins with the help of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, lead to the positive sighting of the remnant of the unknown pre-conquest civilization.

1994 -

Saulnier continued project funding on the work to salvage and document the wreck site of the USS Charleston in Philippine waters. The Charleston was carrying a tremendous amount of captured Spanish coins and 19th century American Navy artifacts when she was lost on a remote reef in the morning of November 2, 1899. The team is producing a documentary based on Morgan’s book about the ship and her place in history.

1993 -

Saulnier managed and funded expeditions into the jungles and islands of La Mosquita, Honduras. An international television documentary team involving US and German personnel from Spiegel Television produced a two hour film documentary, which aired in Europe under the title Tales of Exploration. In February 1995, a grand exhibit at the Honduran Embassy in Washington, DC displayed the find, which was the culmination of the expedition. Besides funding and involved in expeditions our team was instrumental in raising the additional money to protect the site and produce a documentary. All artifacts discovered remain today at the National Museum in Honduras.

1991 -

Saulnier, as project manager, worked with Underwater Explorations to fund, manage and conduct two expeditions to the mountains outside of Quito, Ecuador. The project had been ongoing since 1984 and we acquired our permit to recover the lost treasure of the Incan Empire, which was hidden in 1532. Due to the sudden illness and death caused by skin cancer, to Clint Provost, the president of Underwater Explorations, the project came to a tragic end and the maps, documents and 20 years of work were sold to another treasure hunting company willing to continue on with the project.

1990 -

Captain Morgan and maritime salvage corporation, Mar-Dive discovered the steamship, SS Atlantic, in Lake Erie, Canada. Saulnier formed New World Explorations Inc. to fund and manage the salvage and recovery of an estimated 10 million priceless artifacts from the ship in almost 200 feet of fresh Lake Erie water. The Atlantic was lost on August 20, 1852, after colliding with another vessel in the early morning hours. The wreck promises to be the most important historical American shipwreck ever located. We went into international maritime court and won both salvage and ownership rights, and yet we are still fighting with Canada over the rights to salvage. The project is not complete and the outcome is yet unknown.

1988 -

Our team along with Steven Edward Morgan leased grids of known treasure recovery areas from the 1715 galleon fleet on the east coast of Florida, otherwise known as the treasure coast, from the worlds most famous treasure hunter, Mel Fisher. Our team located the largest silver find of that season.

1985 -

Saulnier joined with Steven Edward Morgan and Hollywood Adventure Films to film several expeditions into the jungles and outlying islands of the Honduran north coast in search of pre-Columbian historical sites.

1984 -

Saulnier worked as project manager with Clint Provost and Under Water Explorations Inc. to recover Incan artifacts from Ecuador.