Past Projects

Over thirty years of adventure, exploration, and treasure recovery. Learn more about our part in making history.
USS Steamship Atlantic

Steamship Atlantic

Lake Erie, USA (Discovered 1994)

The Atlantic was lost on August 20, 1852 after colliding with another vessel in the early morning hours. There is an estimated 10 million priceless artifacts from the ship in almost 200 feet of fresh Lake Erie water. There are over 6000 shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. This is the Crown Jewel of the Great Lakes.

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USS Charleston

USS Charleston

Phillipine Waters (1994-1998)

The Charleston was lost on a remote reef in the morning of November 2, 1899. The Charleston was carrying a tremendous amount of captured Spanish silver coins and 19th century American Navy artifacts.

Cave of the Glowing Skulls - Honduras

Cave of the Glowing Skulls

La Mosquitia, Honduras (1993-1994)

While exploring several major pre-Columbian ruins, a discovery was made that has now changed the thinking of the archeaologial community. The skeletal remains of more than 300 people were found in a bundle burial site, deep in the jungle cave near Catacamas, Honduras.

1715 Treasure Galleon Fleet


Florida Coast (1988-1990)

While subleasing a recovery grid with Mel Fisher, we recovered the largest cache of silver (cob coins) to be discovered that year. The 1715 treasure consisted of gold rings, chains, religious medallions, a silver chalice, several silver statues and a fortune in pieces of eight.

Lost City of the Monkey Gods


Honduras (1995-1996)

Spanish explorers had visited Ciudad Blanca or The Lost City of the Monkey Gods in the 16th century. Several intense explorations in the Central American jungle led to the positive sighting of remnants of a previously unknown pre-conquest civ

Philippine Shipwreck Graveyard


Albay Gulf, Luzon (1997-2004)

We successfully recovered artifacts from a Philippine shipwreck graveyard where annual typhoons and super typhoons caused ships to sink for centuries. While under supervision of the Philippine National Museum.