The Loot of Lima Treasure Story Part One

Cocos Island

Cocos Island, also known as Treasure Island, has been luring people for hundreds of years with the idea of finding buried treasure. The most sought after treasure is the "Loot of Lima" which was buried on the island by Captain Thomson and his mate James Alexander Forbes I in 1821. Valued at over a billion dollars, it has been sought ever since. One Forbes ancestor who took up the family adventure was James Alexander Forbes IV who made many expeditions to recover the treasure. He in turn, passed what he knew to his nephew, William B. Forbes, who has provided a copy of the original map to Adventure Quest showing the location of the treasure, which had been passed down for five generations in the Forbes family.

The "Loot of Lima" is a historical, well-documented treasure, which means it actually exists. In the early 1800's, a revolution against Spanish rule in South America was fast approaching Lima, Peru. The Viceroy, whose job it was to send Spain the royal share (tax) of precious metals and gems had not been able to make a shipment for several years, thus letting the wealth accumulate. When it was known that the rebels were closing in on the city, the Viceroy gathered all the treasure and put it on the only ship in the bay, the British brig named the Mary Dear of Bristol.

Also knowing their valuables were in danger, the many churches loaded their gold onto the boat. The entire treasure was immense. It consisted of gold and silver bullion, a solid gold and gem encrusted life size statue of the Virgin Mary, church chalices, crucifixes, 273 bejeweled swords and many other valuable stones and artifacts. At the time it was valued at $60,000,000. In today's market the treasure could be worth over one billion dollars.

The Captain of the Mary Dear, Captain William Thompson, was known and trusted by the Spanish. He agreed to the Viceroy's proposition and would cruise out to sea for a couple of months, until he received word that it was safe.

Though Thomson was trusted, the Viceroy insisted on sending a half dozen men, including 2 priests, along to watch over the precious cargo. Shortly after the Mary Dear set sail, gold fever set in. The Captain and his mate, James Alexander Forbes I, led the mutiny and turned on the guards and priests, slitting their throats and dumping their bodies overboard.

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