The Loot of Lima Treasure Story Final Part

Cocos Island Coast

James Alexander Forbes I was born in Scotland in 1804. He was mate on the Mary Dear and led the mutiny on board the ship. James A. Forbes I drew a detailed map of the exact location of where to find the treasure.

He arrived in Yerba Buena, which is now San Francisco about 1831. He married into a wealthy Mexican family and helped to start the University of Santa Clara by giving property and funds to start the college. James Alexander Forbes I became a partner in Almaden Quicksilver mines and started the Santa Rosa Flour Mill in Los Gatos, which was at one time called Forbestown. Today the Flour Mill is a museum and there is a restaurant in Los Gatos called Forbes. Upon his passing he gave the treasure map to his son, Charles H. Forbes, who was an attorney in Los Angeles, and urged him to set out to Cocos Island to find the treasure. But, because he was already wealthy, he had no desire to go.

He kept the map in a safe until he died, at which time it was passed down to his son James Alexander Forbes III. He had the same adventurous spirit as his grandfather. Unfortunately, he died before he ever made it to Cocos Island to look for the treasure.

The map was then passed on to his son, James Alexander Forbes IV in 1939, who dedicated a major part of his life and money trying to locate the "exact spot" where the treasure was buried. After many expeditions, he said he needed more information, and did finally find the needed document from a relative and resumed organizing a final expedition. Upon arriving at Cocos Island while standing over the location of the treasure, they decided not to attempt to recover the treasure because there were two other boats in the area. One boat in particular had armed men on board showing rifles and machine guns. The expedition was stopped at that point.

Unfortunately, James A. Forbes passed away shortly after his return home. He did pass along all the maps and documents to his nephew, William B. Forbes.

From that day, nothing has been done to locate the "Loot of Lima", until now. William B. Forbes, fifth generation, was given a copy of the original map made by James Alexander Forbes I, who buried the treasure. His family has always known throughout the years that the "Loot of Lima" was on Cocos Island.

In July 2004, William B. Forbes shared his family history with Marc Alexander Saulnier, of Adventure Quest, LLC.

Adventure Quest is a company that has over 30 years’ experience with historical explorations, marine, and worldwide archaeology, historical documentaries, funding and managing projects related to treasure recovery. The company's expertise is to evaluate and select premier exploration opportunities for the purpose of archaeological discovery and financial rewards. As a part of the emerging credibility and opportunity within the treasure exploration industry, the goal is to create an environment to which the investor can be protected with the maximum opportunity for return on investment.

With a combination of historical documentation, the world's most advanced technology, and profitable true story documentary markets, we have set out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to recover, film, and market the "Loot of Lima" and the Cocos Island legend.

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