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Watch The Story of the "Loot of Lima Treasure"

Introducing to you the story of the "Loot of Lima". This video will take through the history of this immense treasure and how it came to rest on Cocos Island. We will introduce you to important historical figures, such as James Alexander Forbes as well as a brief timeline of the Forbes family. Watch and be drawn in by the facts of this incredible story. We have set out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to recover, film, and market the "Loot of Lima Treasure" and the Cocos Island legend.

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Loot of Lima

The "Loot of Lima Treasure" Story Final

James Alexander Forbes I was born in Scotland in 1804. He was mate on the Mary Dear and led the mutiny on board the ship. James A. Forbes I drew a detailed map of the exact location of where to find the treasure.

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Cocos Island Bay

The "Loot of Lima Treasure" Story Part II

For centuries, whalers, pirates, and some captains who sailed in that area used the island for fresh water, coconuts and ship maintenance. It was a nice, sizable, uninhabited island lying 300 miles off the Central American mainland, where the loot could be hidden without any interference.

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Cocos Island

The "Loot of Lima Treasure" Story Part I

Cocos Island, also known as Treasure Island, has been luring people for hundreds of years with the idea of finding buried treasure. The most sought after treasure is the "Loot of Lima Treasure" which was buried on the island by Captain Thomson and his mate James Alexander Forbes I in 1821. Since then, James Alexander Forbes IV has made many expeditions to recover the treasure. Wiliam B. Forbes is now the fifth generation and is he owner of a copy of the original map giving the location to the treasure, which has been passed down five generations through the Forbes family.

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