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Adventure Quest has over 30 years experience with historical explorations, marine and worldwide archeaology, historical documentaries, funding and managing projects related to treasure recovery.

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Introducing the Cocos Island Project.

The goal of the expedition is to recover the well-documented treasure that has been called the "Loot of Lima Treasure". It is one of the world's richest lost treasures.

Cocos Island

The Story

Cocos Island, also known as Treasure Island, has been luring people for hundreds of years with the idea of finding buried treasure. The most sought after treasure is the "Loot of Lima Treasure" which was buried on the island by Captain Thomson and his mate James Alexander Forbes I in 1821.

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Your opportunity


With a combination of historical documentation, the world's most advanced technology, and profitable true story documentary markets, we have set out on this exclusive opportunity to recover, film, and market the "Loot of Lima Treasure" and the Cocos Island legend. Join us on this once in a lifetime adventure!

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In today's market the treasure is worth over one billion dollars.

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With the expertise to evaluate and select premier exploration opportunities for the purpose of archaeological discovery and financial rewards.
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